Sunday, August 12, 2012

Character Update: Irraere

Height: 5’1” (151cm)
Weight: 98lbs (44kg)

-Whimsical and lighthearted, she seems unserious about everything.
-She works as both as scholar, and a physician to the upcoming queen.
-Always seems a out of touch with reality, with a constant "lost in space" look

Irraere is the Chief Thaumaturgist of her house. Much like a alchemist, a doctor(which is much the same thing in Elf culture). She is responsible for the health of her house. She often resides in the Ward, and rarely leaves. When she does, she is often seen as aloof, lost in thought or lethargic. Acting more like a hermit of sorts, which, due to her duties as Fiore, is much to the annoyance of the rest of her house. Favoring old, and strange home remedies to cure any ailments. She can seem a bit scary to others.

Not much is known about Irraere's personal life, as she is often very private. And seems to seek seclusion, rather than personal contact with others. So it is a wonder as to why she is often so distant, and aloof about her duties, and handles her job rather unpassionately.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Forums and Subreddit

Over the last few days i've been working on Dizzy Hearts, but I took a small break in order to further spread the word about this project. Today I am putting up a subreddit for Dizzy Hearts, as well as a Forum, all for the purpose of discussion. Here you can talk about the game, ask questions, and I will answer them directly (within reason!). Part of the reason is to show the fans how dedicated we are to making this project happen. I know i've been working on it almost 2 years now, but then, that was only one person doing everything.

Those helping me now, are those who wanted it as well. These two sites however will allow much more interaction with the community, for people to grasp what Dizzy Hearts is, and where it's going. See you there!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Character Update: Nail

Height: 6’1” (185cm)
Weight: 136lbs (61kg)

-Very of protective of Mercilia, her little sister. She wishes to protect her while also giving moral support for her duty.
-Seemingly quite firm and strict, she acts serious, and is even weary of strangers.

Nail is Mercilia's personal bodyguard, and whenever the Princess leaves the House grounds, Nail accompanies the Princess. In addition to this, Nail acts as personal confidant to the Princess. Protecting her physically and politically as she instructs Mercilia in the duties she must accomplish once she becomes queen. Unlike Aunyrae, Mercilia does not attempt to avoid Nail. But she is often bothered, or annoyed by her attempt to follow her in the presence of strangers. Quiet and impassive, she often only has to leer at others in order to make them uneasy in her presence.

Nail is one of the oldest daughters of the Queen, though she is female, she holds a much higher position of authority in her society. (Which is not to say that others are oppressed) And is the personal bodyguard and confidant to her sister, the Princess.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Character Update: Aunyrae

Height: 5'9" (175cm)
Weight: 122lbs (55kg)

-Attitude is lewd and perverse to others, but playful. She is otherwise kind and caring.
-She is often called names by Mercilia, who she knows does not actually hate her.
-Her duty is to be the new Queen's advisor, and is a former disciple of the current Queen's priestess

Aunyrae is a priestess to the princess Mercilia, and a former student of the current queen's priestess. Even for an Elf, she is known to be rather lascivious. Where most of the priesthood, including rival houses, have many wives. Aunyrae herself has fourteen wives. Granting her notoriety in gossip circles for her girl-lust.

A font of sexual energy (which is often regarded as a desirable trait in her society. (As long as it's non-destructive to society or oneself.)) Aunyrae is known to be very honest. Though salacious and perverted, she does not betray her wives, and should she feel the desire to pursue prey again. She does not do so without their consent. Often used to her behavior at this point. Her honesty makes her adept at providing spiritual advice to the princess in how to best succeed as a queen. Much to Mercilia's annoyance, who will often avoid or hide from Aunyrae before she can lecture the young elf.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Character Update: Mercilia


Height: 4’7” (141cm)
Weight: 91lbs (41kg)

-Shy and insecure, she is flustered and embarrassed easily
-Her personality is somewhat tsundere, but not stereotypically.
-Under enormous pressure, she sometimes acts snippy and cold.
-Has trouble conveying emotions well.

Born as the youngest Fiore daughter of the current queen, she was chosen to be her heir at an enormously young age. The current heir, and princess, she is part of the 4 ruling houses that debate laws, and politics in her city. In addition to this, the three opposing houses are all run by her sisters, heirs of the Queen herself. Despite this, she was chosen, as the least experienced, and the most ill-suited to actually doing the job. Her sisters would argue, and Mercilia would undoubtedly agree with them. Unsure of why she was made the heir, Mercilia must handle the distant relationship with her mother. As well as the malevolent nature of her sisters. All while she must train, mentally and politically to handle the duties of the Queen.

Stay tuned for further updates and new character introductions, coming soon!
Also further character information in the near future.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

News Update

It's been pretty busy on my end! Dizzy Hearts is proceeding at the speed i'm comfortable at. The benefit of being on indefinite hiatus is that it makes me feel more lenient with my time. Also it allows me to work for fun rather than at a deadline. I spent a good chunk of time preparing this blog so I could announce a few things.

For one, I'm adding a member to the staff of one, to make two. I will be filling out the rest of the pages, as soon as possible. But I now have a musician to add to the staff roster.

Also I'm adding a wallpaper, the first one up for anyone who wants it.

Finally, if you are interested in working on the project, please email me at

Part of my work in the next few weeks is going to promote Dizzy Hearts in a way that gets people interested. And i'm looking for people who are truly interested, and motivated to work on the project. I've been doing it alone thus far, and I personally am not hard-up for getting staff slots filled. But for those that want them. They simply have to let me know.